* Here’s my list of available sheet music:
* Organ Sheet (music sheet with right hand notes & chords – simple made, this type of sheet is suitable for people who studied my Piano Solo Method)
* Piano Sheet (music sheet with both hand notes)

* If you order piano piano sheet music which is not available on my list, the fee for making your exclusive order piano sheet music is from 35USD to 75USD per sheet music & MIDI File. Please send me your request to email: then I will inform you the price within 24-48 hours or order here.

+ The fee for making lead sheet music is from 15USD – 30USD (sheet music with only treble cleff, basic chords, lyrics)

* MIDI File is the file to be read on Synthesia software / application or similar software. When having MIDI File, you can open it on the MIDI reader software (for example: Synthesia) and practice, adjust the tempo of the playing song, look at the keyboard on the screen. (This way of piano practice is suitable for people who doesn’t like to read sheet music)