Shorten the time

Based on her successful self-study and piano playing experiences, Boi Ngoc summarizes and guides in the most concise, practical and easy-to-understand way, offering a learning path that goes straight to the heart.

Creative freedom

Boi Ngoc focuses on teaching methods and skills to play the piano, helping learners to use them to play the piano independently, freely and creatively in their own style.

Dedication - Efficiency

Boi Ngoc's piano lessons are designed to help students see the first results of their playing within 1-2 weeks, thereby helping them stay motivated and continue to practice and play.

Payment Information

* 1. Bank transfer:
To pay for the course, please transfer to one of the bank accounts below:
* Note: When transferring money, in the “Notes” section, you must specify the following information: Full name – Email – Phone number.
Within 60 minutes after receiving payment from you,
Boi Ngoc will send you an email with access account & course documents attached.

Vietcombank Nha Trang branch
Account number: 058 1000 719 843
Account owner: Truong Doan Boi Ngoc

Asia Bank (ACB) Binh Thanh District Branch (Thanh Da Transaction Office)
Account number: 189 154 509
Account owner: Truong Doan Boi Ngoc

Techcombank branch in Binh Thanh district
Account number: 190 2918 7566 011
Account owner: Truong Doan Boi Ngoc

* 2. Payment by bank transfer via Paypal:
You log in to, then select Send/Request Payments and select Send Payments for goods or services
to your Paypal account:
Or Click on the link:
Then enter the payment amount (USD) corresponding to the listed course price at website:
* Note: When transferring money, it is necessary to leave transfer information: Full name – Email

* 3. Payment by cash/foreign currency transfer via Western Union or other cash/foreign currency transfer services
Please contact email: for information on receiving/transferring money.

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