By Boi Ngoc

PIANO SOLO METHOD is a patented modern solo piano playing method by Boi Ngoc designed for beginners, or those who have studied piano (under 2 years) want a successful method of playing Piano Solo. more quickly, independently, freely and creatively at their own discretion, without much dependence on the music or on the teacher, towards acoustic piano playing (listening and playing without music)

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About Bội Ngọc

Boi Ngoc is known for her list of “Piano Ladies” and the title of “Most Innovative Piano Teacher” – “Most Innovative Piano Teacher” with the Piano Solo Method that helps merchandize piano players within 6 weeks.
Born in 1992 in Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa and graduated from the Foreign Trade University of Ho Chi Minh City, Boi Ngoc fell in love with the guide piano when she received a request for a piano from the audience.
After graduating from school, she decided to focus on researching new methods to help people learn the piano for fun, both shortening the time, and being able to learn and play the piano by themselves more easily.

I want to learn piano because I want to be able to create melodies according to my emotions. For me, learning and playing the piano is probably the best thing I do and enjoy the most from the time I was born until now.
Hong Linh
Venture Engineer
Every time I practice the piano, I feel very happy, full of hope because I can play a wonderful melody in a new song. After completing a song, I have more motivation to strive to play more songs in the future
Thuy Trang
I find that practicing the piano is not only entertainment, but also brings many benefits such as inspiring music for family members, having positive thoughts about life, connecting with people to share. , learn from each other. And I think that any difficulty will pass if you keep your passion for practicing and playing the piano
Chi Hai Chanh
Venture Engineer